I’m thrilled to share that Tim and I have booked a last minute vacation to Mexico! We leave on Friday for 7 days in the sun. I’m excited to learn more about the culture, taste the food and enjoy myself. Today’s photos are from the hotel that we booked in Manzanillo. I usually prefer to visit cities… New York…Paris… but I’m freezing right now! The winters in Canada can be very cold. Take today for instance, it was -14 C (6 F) when I checked the thermometer in my car this morning. I’m wearing a large sweater, warm socks and sipping coffee as I write this and I’m still cold! lol  I love the crisp weather around Christmas and New Years…but as soon as the holidays are over…don’t we all crave a little get away? This will be my first time in Mexico…I’ve been to Cuba and The Dominican Republic before…but never made it out to Mexico.  I think I’m really looking forward to hearing the live musicians…watching the performers and embracing the Mexican music. I’ll still be posting next week as we made sure that our hotel offers wifi. Don’t you just love technology today? You can be half way around the world and not miss a beat…I hope everyone is staying warm and inspired during this cold time of year. Happy Monday!
Manzanillo Mexico Style by Clark Martin Blog

Manzanillo Mexico Style by Clark Martin

Manzanillo Mexico- Viva La Mexico

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