DAY 4 – Jan 11, 2016: It’s Monday morning and we are up and out of the hotel room before dawn. “There ain’t no rest for the wicked” seems to be our mantra for this Mexico trip. We are photographing every morning sun rise and ready with cameras in hand for every sunset. I know what you must be thinking…why in the world would you not sleep in on vacation? Are you nuts? Well, I’ll tell you a little secret…shhh…don’t tell anyone but…this is what we live for! For the past year we have been living and breathing photography and beautiful images. It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to do what you love…and we never take that for granted. After our photo session, we decide to relax in the lobby and check in with the outside world by doing a little web surfing on our tablet. The remainder of the day is spent swimming in the ocean and relaxing with cervazas in tow.     Travel-Diary--Manzanillo-Mexico1


DAY 5 – Jan 12, 2016: It’s Tuesday and I’m feeling rather zen today! What better way to celebrate than with a quick buddha inspired photoshoot? I got all gussied up and we shot the photos that you see here at sunset. Later that night we danced the night away….I mean…. I danced the night away to some latin music. (ahem…Tim lol)






DAY 6, Jan 13, 2016: The day that I’ve been dreading is here… At the beginning of our trip we booked an excursion that would take us to the Manzanillo mountains…zip lining through the mountains to be precise! Did I mention that I am terrified of things like this? Well…I am! In the past 6 years Tim has been sky diving, swimming with sharks, extreme winter camping…and I have been more than happy to cheer him on from the safety of the ground, the shore and my warm bed. This time I was going to be a willing participant in something that scared me, which was awful and exhilarating all at the same time! A dodgy vehicle picked us up at the hotel…imagine a big pick up truck with benches in the back and no seat belts. We drove through the Manzanillo neighbourhoods and on to the highway. It was a bumpy ride! We braced ourselves at every turn to stay in the vehicle. lol Thankfully we arrived safe and sound. Once we had all our safety gear on we made our way up the mountain. Along the path we happened upon a tarantula…like…a real one! I half expected it to lunge at me because of all the movies I’ve seen…but it just sat there and let us examine it. Thank god!  Below are two photos from the top of the mountain. In the first shot you can see the line that we used….yikes!! In the second shot you can see me crossing the canyon…woo hoo!



DAY 6 Continued….After we were done with the zip lining, we were served a Mexican lunch at the Nature Reserve. This was actually my favourite moment of the entire trip because the owner showed us the stone labyrinth that you see below. He told us that he built the labyrinth as a way to rid himself of negative energy. Supposedly, by the time you walk the maze and arrive at the centre…all of the negative energy will leave your body and you will be left with light and positivity. Well…it definitely worked! As you can see below, I was feeling very “Namaste” by the end of the maze!


DAY 7 – Jan 14, 2016: Thursday morning was mimosas and reading VOGUE by the pool. In the afternoon we went on a snorkelling trip up the coast. We saw puffer fish and star fish…it was a tropical fish paradise! What a great way to spend the afternoon. On the way back, our captain showed us an alter perched high up on a cliff. The alter housed fresh flowers and candles. He noted that local fishermen come to offer gifts in exchange for their safety at sea. Apparently the Pacific Coast can get pretty rough at times and fishing boats don’t always make it back home after a storm. This was their way to ensure safe travel. Later that day we walked around Manzanillo and took more pictures of architecture and homes in the area.




Can you see my reflection? Opps! lol





DAY 8 – Jan 15, 2016: On the final day we get up early as usual. While taking photos of the ocean we see a whale jump in the distance. What a magnificent sight to see on our final day in paradise. It wasn’t long before we had to pack up and head for the airport. We had the time of our lives and it’s hard to believe that it is finally time to go home. As we walk from the terminal to the plane the sun is setting. I couldn’t help but think it was a metaphor for the end of the trip. I say goodbye to Manzanillo and we take off into the night.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.46.57 AM
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