DAY 1 – Jan, 8, 2016:  It’s 8:00am and I immediately spring out of bed and start packing. I always do this to myself…I’m kind of known for leaving things to the last minute, loosing track of time and arriving late…I mean fashionably late…for social engagements. I guess when it comes to travel, it’s the same old story. You would think that I would know better by now right? Wrong! So I manage to collect everything that I need for the week and cram it into my London Fog suitcase with 30 mins to spare. We already dropped off our dog at my father’s house last night and he’s been having a great time with his “cousins” (My father’s dogs: Watson and Bentley). I send out a quick update on the blog and we head for the airport. The flight is long and somewhat uncomfortable but Tim and I are beaming with excitement! We are going on vacation after all, which means that I have nothing to complain about! After 5.5 hours we arrive in Manzanillo, Mexico. While waiting for our suitcases at the airport, a man leads a drug dog around to each passenger and has the dog smell everyone’s purses and carry on luggage. I guess this is how it’s done down here…it is Mexico of course. After we get through customs, a large bus takes us to our hotel. It’s now night time and I’m looking out the window as we drive through Manzanillo and I realize I can’t see a thing. Heck, it’s so dark I could be in Florida for all I know! I find myself longing for it to be morning. We check in to the hotel, have a late dinner and try to get acclimated to the weather and our new surroundings. Our room is huge…and I mean huge! The bathroom is bigger than our bedroom at home and came complete with a whirlpool soaker tub..woo hoo!

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico16

DAY 2 – Jan 9, 2016: It’s 6:45am and we get ourselves out of bed and ready to go as quickly as possible. We’re on a mission to bring back stunning photos for SCM and Tim’s Photography website and we don’t plan to miss a beat while we’re here. We grab our cameras and run to the lobby to finally catch a glimpse at Manzanillo in the day light. I kid you not…it was so beautiful, it almost took my breath away. Everything from the ocean to the mountains to the architecture…it hit us all at once. It was in that moment that we knew we were in paradise! …

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico10

DAY 2 Continued…We snapped a few shots (Tim more than me…he loves landscapes) of the view that our hotel afforded us. Palm trees, crystal blue water, gorgeous rock faces…sigh…yep…it was definitely awe-inspiring! After taking what felt like a million shots, we decided to have breakfast. I was delighted to learn that they would be serving it at the large grass hut overlooking the edge of the ocean. I remember seeing this view on the hotel’s website and I couldn’t wait to experience it in person. Below are a few photos that I took at breakfast…which started just like every morning for me…with coffee! …    Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico8

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico5

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico4

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico7

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico6

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico3

DAY 2 Continued: The food was aromatic and full of flavour! The view seemed to enhance our tastebuds as we soaked it all in! After breakfast, we grabbed our snorkel masks and jumped into the ocean. One of the selling features for us was the hotel’s private cove where you can find tropical fish and sea life…we were in heaven! Later that night we enjoyed margaritas after dinner and took in one of the shows at the outdoor theatre.

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico2

DAY 3 – Jan 10, 2016: Today, we wake up feeling adventurous! We’ve already been all over the hotel and we’re ready to spread our wings a little. The day before we spotted a road that took us around the sea shore and through the adjacent mountain and it seemed to be enticing us to explore it. So we set out with our cameras to capture something outside the hotel grounds…

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico13

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico15

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico12

DAY 3 Continued: I was so excited to find beautiful Mexican architecture to photograph along the way. Everything from marvelous traditional doorways to white dream like structures laid our path up the mountain. To say that I was inspired would have been an understatement!

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico9

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico14

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico11

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico17

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico18

Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico19

DAY 3 Continued: When we get back from our little adventure we are hot and dehydrated from the sun. What better way to cool off than with Pina Coladas and a dip in the adult pool? As the sun goes down that night, I snapped a shot of one of the pathways at the hotel (below)…..check in with me next week to see more images from the trip. I will give you a little hint about part 2 … it involves tarantulas and zip-lining… Travel Diary Manzanillo Mexico1

Happy Monday!

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