Welcome to the latest edition of Street Chic, a new lifestyle blog series. Each week I will photograph and feature one of my favourite local spots. This could be a cafe, restaurant, antique shop…anywhere that I love spending time. This week I went to Pure Home Couture, located at 174 Locke St South in Hamilton, ON. I’ve had a love affair with Pure for many years. The french inspired petite department store is located on a quaint, vibrant street just west of the downtown core. The Pure experience is so unique that it can be hard to put into words. When you’re walking along Locke St, you will come across a glass door that invites you to “Please do come up!” Intrigued, you will enter the foyer, climb the stairs and find yourself transported to an old world Parisian Apothecary. Your senses will awaken as you are greeted by the sights and smells of Pure’s chic line of candles, lotions, perfumes, soaps and bubble bath. I still get chills when I walk in….and I’ve been many times! Pure owners Abby Kanak and Steven McDuffee opened the store in 2002. Abby was a celebrated 80’s fashion designer who dressed the celebrities and fashionistas of the time. In 1991 they became proud parents. When their daughter, Pallas was born she suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and would need full time care. Abby and Steven happily made their daughter’s care their number one priority.  In 2002, her health stabilized which allowed Abby to start dreaming about a way to reinvent herself with a new creative outlet. Her designs were always influenced by a Paris Atelier (workshop) and this inspiration would guide her in curating the opening of Pure.

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 43

Pure Home Hamilton 48

Inspiration for the decor came from the french countryside, artful pastries and champagne!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 11

 “Worn wooden floors, soaring beamed ceilings, cake plates piled high upon time worn tables, an odd chair, lady like linens, the perfect gift for baby or a beautiful piece of jewelry.”   Abby Kanak

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 17

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 6

At Pure, everything sparkles! I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 41Above, I’m enjoying Pure’s Apothecary brand candles. Sugar Plum Fairy is one of many Grand Noel scents. “The focus at Pure has shifted to developing our brand along with our favourite anchors and we are so inspired by the support from our community. We feel like the world is a little bit more connected these days and our customer’s aesthetic has been elevated…also there is more local pride. People are looking for products that are equally as beautiful as imports, but locally made with pure, natural and ethical ingredients.” Abby Kanak.

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 21

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 18

Beautiful Apothecary brand hand lotions.

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 30

 Lovely Christmas decor items.

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 22

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 16

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 31

This is how you decorate your home for Christmas with style! Yes, yes, yes!! Applause!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 38

I wanted to take a minute to talk about these amazing candles with a very important purpose. Steven and Abby created the “Made in Hamilton No. 905” candles to reach out to people in their community. For every candle sold they will donate $2.50 to the Hamilton Food Share Program, which yields $12.50 in food for individuals and families in need. The clever name is a play on Chanel No. 5 perfume. 905 is Hamilton’s area code!Pure Home Couture Hamilton 37

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 42

Bath soaps in the shape of dessert! Splendid!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 19

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 20

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 40

I was delighted to hear that all of the display tables and antiques were for sale! If you know me well, you know that I adore french antiques!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 33

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 12

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 24

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 23

The Jewelry was artfully displayed and exceptionally beautiful!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 46

Pure Home Couture Hamilton 34

Pure sells gorgeously fragrant french lavender.  How lovely!

Pure Home Couture Hamilton1

  When I asked Abby if there was anything that she would like my readers to know about the Pure brand she shared “Over the years I have developed a fragrance obsession. Our olfactory buds have been sharpened by the exposure to many of the world’s most iconic scents and I am fascinated by the way fragrance and memory are so interconnected. I asked for a perfumery lab kit for Christmas a few years ago and started playing around with developing my own fragrance accords. The sense of smell is an amazing and complicated gift! A few years ago we started making our own in-house candles and people love them so much that we decided to build our own brand, Apothecary by Pure Home Couture. We started offering them at wholesale to a few select stores a couple of months ago and we have over 20 stores now across Canada and even Hong Kong! We have tailored our work lives around Pallas’ care and I can’t help feeling like Pallas has helped us find this new passion in our lives. We can’t wait to see where the journey takes us.” I am so excited that I had this opportunity to share Pure with you this week. There are so many stylish entrepreneurs out there and I feel honoured to be able to share their stories with you. I  will end the post with a reminder to stay inspired and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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