Today, I rounded up 5 spooky Halloween decorations from Pinterest. With Halloween so close, I thought I would share some DIY projects from a variety of websites. I chose ideas that are affordable and easy to pull off yourself. Have fun and start creating!

Above: Explosion of Bats | Photo by Mikkel Vang via

This idea is so simple! Purchase some sturdy black construction paper, trace out your bats in various sizes and cut them out. Use double sided tape to secure them to your door. Fold the wings up for a spooky effect. When the lights go down, your porch lights will cast shadows around all of your little creations.

wicked witch
Above:  The House Drop | Photo by Francis Janish via

I love this idea! Purchase a long pair of striped socks and grab your Mary Janes from your closet. Stuff the socks with plastic grocery bags, secure them under your door mat and….poof! YOU’RE DONE!

Above: A Bloody Warning | Photo via

Go to your local dollar store and purchase the tubes of blood that they sell around Halloween time. Grab a small brush and get painting. Finish it off with a hand print. If you want a more terrifying look, try dragging your hand print down the window.

Above: Marching Spiders| Photo via

Is there anything more terrifying than spiders? These little plastic spiders usually come in big bags at the party store. Above, they glued magnets to the back and attached them to this metal door. You could also use double sided tape. Creepy!

Witch's hat
Above: Floating Witch Hats | Photo via

Another great idea from These hanging witch hats are great for an entry way. Using a needle and thread, poke a hole through the top of the hat. Loop it and tie it off. Secure a dollar store glow stick inside. Hang the thread on a command strip hook and attach it to your ceiling. When the sun goes down you will be left with an eerie glow.

I wish you all a Haunted Halloween! Have a great weekend!