I am thrilled to make this announcement today! STYLE by Clark Martin will be evolving into a new and exciting online business venture. For the past two months, I have been creating a new world in secret… a world where photography, blogging and beautiful things come together to form a unique online experience. I am calling this new world…CHIC! I will be opening an online boutique where photographers can buy beautiful Lightroom Presets that create stunning images for their portfolios and social media pages. I designed my preset collections with the CHIC, modern woman in mind. Each collection is carefully curated to provide a soft, light and airy look to your photographs. Don’t fret! I will continue to write about the beautiful things that I love on the blog portion of the site. Each week I will provide profiles on chic inspirational women, fabulous travel destinations, and share my passion for design. You can also expect beautiful photoshoots from me each week and travel diaries when I’m lucky enough to get away. All of the photos that I share will be edited using my gorgeous new preset collections. Now…I need something from you….I need your support and your patience for the next week or so. I plan to launch the site at some point next week. Until then, I will be putting all of my efforts into the final touches, which means I won’t be posting until next week. I just wanted to take a quick second and thank you for all of the love and support I have received this year. I am truly passionate about what I share on my blog and I’m so thankful that there are people out there who faithfully read it. I hope that you will follow me into the world of CHIC and read on as I go through this amazing time of growth and change.

Until next week…..Stay CHIC!

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