“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell….

This is a photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge that my husband took during our last trip to New York City. I added the quote by David Mitchell because I love the message. Theres nothing like leaving the daily pressures of life and exploring somewhere new. I always come back from a vacation feeling rejuvenated and ready to set new goals. Travel gives us the ability to reflect on our own lives. I don’t think it’s silly to think that you can actually find yourself while travelling. Sometimes being outside of your own environment can really put things into perspective. When my husband and I travel, we always find new inspiration and ideas. When we travel, we give ourselves the permission to discover what we’re truly passionate about. When we’re away from the deadlines and the responsibilities and the noise, we can think with a clear head. Sometimes we find renewed appreciation. Other times, we notice that we need to make some changes in our lives. Travel inspires us to take risks that will ultimately land us closer to the life that we want.  What does travel do for you?