I asked one of my favourite designers, Laura Stein for her tips on achieving a well-designed space. She is one of Toronto’s most prominent and highly-visible design professionals, having won considerable acclaim for her personalized design style, insights on cutting-edge trends, and customized furnishings. We could all learn a thing or two from Laura!

  1. Planning Planning Planning!

Make sure you come up with a plan before you run out and start buying pieces. Think about space and scale. You need to make sure each item will fit and will work well with the other pieces in the room. You don’t want a room filled with heavy looking furniture. On the flip side, you also don’t want a room with too many airy pieces. For instance, when you have furniture that stands on long, tall legs, there always needs to be something that grounds the room, like a well-placed rug.

Laura Stein Interiors 3
2. Create Harmony

Ask your self, what is the style of the room? How does everything go together? Sometimes people mix different design styles, and they don’t always work together. What is the overall design scheme? Make sure the space feels cohesive.

Laura Stein Interiors 4

3. Find your Inspiration

Find something that you really like, a rug, artwork or fabric. Use it as the starting point; pull the colour scheme from there. Look for inspiration online, from design magazines and social media.

Laura Stein Interiors 5

4. Vary Texture

When sourcing items for the space, be mindful of the visual textures. Play with patterns and textures on throw pillows and wallpaper. Mix metals, i.e brushed, smooth. Varying these elements will keep the room interesting.

Laura Stein Interiors 6
5. Break the Rules Thoughtfully

Know when to break the rules. If you have too much of the same thing, it can lead to a boring room. Don’t be afraid to throw in something unexpected to add another layer to the space. There should always be a twist.


Visit Laura’s website and browse her portfolio for more delicious design! www.laurasteininteriors.com

Photography by: Mike Chajecki