The last time I was in New York, I stumbled upon a little piece of heaven called Bisous Ciao MACARONS. This unique delicatessen is located at 235 Bleeker St in the West Village. When I walked in, I immediately fell in love with the way the space was designed and how the deserts were artfully displayed. The shop is adorned with gold-rimmed bistro tables, marble counter tops and unexpected industrial inspired seating. The playful pink accents really added to the chic atmosphere of the space. The colourful Macaroons were lined up and beautifully arranged for patrons to view and enjoy.

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   The pastry shop provided a large selection of delicious flavours to choose from which included everything from Sour Cherry to Pistachio. My personal favourite was Lavender & Honey from the “Fleur” Collection. Ingredients: lavender, acacia honey and butter cream with a sprinkle of lavender petals on top. I was surprised at how well the flavours blended together! Tim and I enjoyed our Macaroons at Father Demo Square, a quaint little park just steps away from the shop. The Macarons had a wonderfully crunchy outside paired with a very delicate soft centre. The creator, Tanya Ngangan used her time living in Paris as inspiration for her beautifully handcrafted pastries and sweets. Her website states that the macaroons “will take you back to the cobblestone streets of Paris and evoke that romantic feeling all from this sweet indulgence.” I couldn’t agree more! The macaroons were on par with the iconic Laduree, but with a refreshing edge that can only come from New York City.

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The shop features a number of other succulent pastries and sweets such as this raspberry crown tart, cherry pinwheels and butter croissants as seen below. Yum!

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   Bisous Ciao has two locations in New York, with their second shop located at 101 Stanton St, in the lower east side. If you ever find yourself in New York, take some time visit one of their glamorous cafes and indulge in a little bit of what I call “the good life.” Bon Appetite!

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