Greetings! This will be my final post from Manzanillo, Mexico! Yes, we will be making the journey home today. We’ve had the time of our lives on this trip and we’re happy to come home with beautiful photos and oodles of inspiration. I can’t wait to show you what we cooked up while we were here… We photographed everything from fruity drinks to fabulous sunsets! I had hoped we would be able to post things as we went along, but I overestimated the WiFi capacity here. Sadly uploading our large formats files were too much for the internet connection to handle. I think what I’m really going to taking away from this trip is a replenished thirst for travel. There’s something about being away from home that really opens your eyes to new possibilities and allows you to dream… and right now…I’m dreaming about seeing more of the world! Too bad our backpacking trip through Europe is still 4 months away…for now I’ll just have to bask in the memories that we made this week…and hold on to that sunshine until spring.

Check back on Monday for my “Weekend Notes” to see the first round of photos from our trip… but for now… Have a fabulous weekend!

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