When we think about designing a home, we often forget about the bedroom. We focus our attention on the main entertainment areas such as the living room and the dinning room. When you think about it, we spend roughly 2920 hours a year in our bedroom. Not to mention all of the time we spend reading before bed, and getting dressed in the morning. Your bedroom design is the first thing you wake up to in the morning and the last thing you see at night. If you’re anything like me, a beautiful room can literally change your mood. When I look around my home and I’m pleased with the design, it can energize me for the day. Your bedroom says a lot about you as a person. Haven’t you ever peeked at your friend’s bedroom on the way to the washroom? I know I have! Why not style your bedroom to reflect your individual personality?

Below are a few shots of my nightstand styled four different ways.  Which one do you prefer?

  1. Coffee Table Books

This look is all about showcasing beautiful coffee table books. Beautiful books are always a staple in any good design. Line them up and place special objects on top for a layered look. I added my 1930’s Kodak Brownie Camera to showcase my love for photography.

new (2 of 4)2. Frames

Lean a framed photograph or piece of art against the wall. Choose pictures that reflect who you are. Insiders tip: Make sure that the two pieces you choose work together. They don’t necessarily have to match, but ensure that they have a similar feel for a more tailored look.

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3. Book Ends

In this shot I added some brass bookends. This look gives the bedroom a well-read feel. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and put your own spin on it.

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4. Glamour!

Adding glamorous objects to a nightstand can really inject some personality into the space.

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What do you have on your nightstand?